Selling the drama

2016_hope-1030x686I wrote once that one of my mistakes was trying to grow flowers in the middle of stones. That urge to see beyond roadblocks and difficulties, that will to surpass any perceived impossibilities and keep going – that’s what made me so resilient and at the same time too stubborn. Knowing when to give up is as much of a gift as pursuing your goal no matter what happens around you.

Now, I’ve given up on things, projects, and people. It’s hell. I’ve got this thing that makes it really hard to give up on something that I believe in. Or someone. What happens when the evidence is plastered in front of my face? I keep going until there’s no more road. People complain all the time that no one persists anymore; when things get difficult, off they go looking for the next easy thing.

However, the opposite is bad, too. Insisting on something that cannot happen, should not happen, has been proven to be destructive, is equally insane.

I’ve yet to learn how to let things go without pain. But I’m getting there.

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