I look outside and there is a light waiting for me, on this day of giving thanks for all the blessings in my life. The year is almost over, and how different has my life become. It might’ve been the worst year yet if I looked at all the trials and tribulations. The bad luck. The red tape. The loss of love. The steps back.

But no, it wasn’t bad. It was just hard. For every bad thing that happened to me this year, something good came along. The friends who became family away from home; the small victories that made me work twice as hard; getting up before sunrise just to slow down the passage of time; all the great people I’ve met and have enriched my life beyond comprehension. This great American life is filled with obstacles, but no tears. I am grateful for it. 

I walk outside and it smells like life. It tastes like home. It fills my heart with the warmth of knowing I am home.

So I’m thankful for the friends who held me when I needed the most, the ones who are far away but haven’t forsaken me, the amazing family that keeps me going every day. The people I work with. This job that is a self-perpetuating art, constantly generating its own inspiration.

I really understood, in this year of chaos and rebirth, that I am too young to be afraid and too old to wait any longer. Happiness, sadness, forever, whenever, is all happening now. I embrace it.

It’s the price to pay for dreaming out loud and persevering through the storm.

Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S.: Eat tofurkey.


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